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10 easy vegetarian high protein snacks for work

October 25, 2015

It can seem like all the healthy snacks you see recommended have some form of meat in it, whether it be a piece of chicken or beef jerky. I wanted to highlight some vegetarian high protein snacks that were easy to make and that you can take to work! Occasionally, I will see some really awkward snack ideas that, while healthy, take a while to make or seem awkward to eat while at work. I hope you enjoy my suggestions and please let me know if you have any more fun and yummy ideas! 

1. Greek Yogurt

high protein greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is hands down my favorite go-to snack. The yogurt pictured above is actually an Icelandic style yogurt by Siggis brand, but has all the attributes of a quality Greek yogurt – a high protein and low sugar snack which can be enjoyed by vegetarians and more.

2. Cashew Nuts and Strawberries

Cashews and Strawberries

Although I love both cashew nuts and strawberries on their own, pair them together and you’ve got yourself a powerhouse of a snack! Strawberries are fantastic with a number of beneficial vitamins and minerals as well as being fairly low in sugar, for a fruit. Cashew nuts are high in protein; 1oz of cashew nuts provides 5g of protein! Furthermore, this is a snack that can be taken anywhere with ease.

3. String Cheese and Almonds

string cheese and cashew nut snack

Source: Sargento

I’m really lucky in that my work place has a seemingly never ending supply of string cheese, which is a great low-carb snack option. I like pairing it with almonds (be aware of serving sizes though!) to make it a more satiating snack that will keep me full for several hours.

4. homemade protein shake

pumpkin pie smoothie

Mmm, this is one of my personal faves and is normally a breakfast or a snack. Try out my pumpkin spiced smoothie to get in a serving of veggies as well as a hit of protein. To bring it to work, just store it in a mason jar (or any airtight container) and pop it in the fridge at work!

5. almond/peanut butter on rice crackers

almond butter rice cake

Source: The Chic Brulee

I have to say, this is not something I have had recently – I feel like I forget about it as weird as that sounds! This is a really simple snack that helps you get in all of your macronutrients. If you are not a huge fan of rice crackers, try a high fiber cracker like Wasa

6. hummus and peppers



Hummus is fantastic and full of health benefits! Hummus is made with chickpeas which are a great source of complex carbohydrates, protein and fiber. It’s easy to make at home but hummus is readily available at supermarkets. Pair it with some chopped bell peppers, cucumbers or even celery for a satisfying snack. 

7. Quest bar


Quest bars are my absolute favorite high protein bar – they are also high in fiber and low in sugar which makes them a perfect mid morning or mid afternoon snack. My favorite flavors are cookie dough and cookies and cream.

8. avocado toast sprinkled with toasted Sunflower seeds

avocado toast

Source: Spache the Spatula

Avocado toast on it’s own is honestly already a great snack but the toasted sunflower seeds add extra flavor and satiety. Avocado is rich with healthy fats and fiber and sunflower seeds add in some protein to make this snack keep you full (and your tummy happy) for hours.

9. Chickpea Cookie Dough

chickpea cookie doughSource: POPSUGAR

Um, YUM! Healthy cookie dough … it’s weird to even say that, isn’t it? Like our friend, Mr. Hummus, this healthy cookie dough is made with chickpeas – the secret healthy ingredient. Head over to POPSUGAR to get this simple recipe.

10. Healthier ‘Trail Mix’


Instead of buying trail mix, which is often loaded with sugar, why not make your own! Simply mix in chopped medjool dates, blueberries, pumpkin seeds and walnuts. Put your healthy trail mix in a ziplock bag and bring to work. Done!

Which Snack Will you try?

I hope my vegetarian high protein snacks list helps make your healthy lifestyle a little bit easier and has given you some fun new snacks to try. I know that I get bored easily and it helps to have a list of several different options to choose from. Which snack will you try first?

Honestly yours,

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