3 Instant Fitness Confidence Boosters

January 15, 2017

It’s already half-way through January (which is fine with me, hurry up summer!) and I hope you’ve all started the year strong. Whether you made resolutions or are continuing on with your healthy habits, I hope you’re all kicking butt πŸ™‚

Today, I wanted to share 3 instant fitness confidence boosters with you all. We all know that there will be days when we are feeling down, demotivated or just downright lazy. But it’s okay; we are human and we aren’t perfect. Take these 3 instant fitness confidence boosters with you for those days so you can bounce right back.

3 Instant Fitness Confidence Boosters

1.Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Seriously, just stop it right now. There is no point comparing your beautiful, unique features to another human being with completely different, yet equally beautiful, unique features. And I know this is hard to do and not something you can just stop doing in one day.

Just remind yourself that while x person may indeed have great legs, abs or whatever, that YOU are amazing and have a variety of killer qualities as well. Don’t let yourself lose sight of how incredible you are–there’s a reason your friends and family love you, after all.

2. Get new workout clothes

This may seem superficial, but there’s something empowering about buying new workout clothes that fit well, and make you feel good in your skin. If you feel good while you’re working out, chances are you’ll feel happier and more confident leading you to kick major butt in your workouts. I swear that I’ve worked out harder and hit new workout goals after buying a fresh, new workout outfit.


Be sure to checkout Reebok Women’s amazing range of workout clothes designed to make the modern woman feel strong and capable. I know I do when I rock my Reebok Women outfits! In these photos, I am wearing the Sayumi 2.0 trainers, the full zip track jacket (in love with it), the Reebok combat bralette and these tights.


3. Download some new workout tunes

This is a guaranteed fitness confidence booster! When I feel myself starting to get demotivated, downloading a set of new workout music always makes me excited to workout again. I personally listen to a podcast called the Ubercast,which is a collection of really upbeat bounce and EDM style music. I always get really excited when a new podcast is released because it gives me an hour’s worth of music to workout to.


While we all face days where we can’t be bothered to exercise, where we feel like we are making no progress or feel down about our bodies, put these three tips into practice. While we aren’t perfect, embrace the fact that you are human and cut yourself some slack from time to time. I know you’re doing the best you can to live a healthy, fit and happy lifestyle!

Honestly yours,

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Reebok. All opinions expressed are my own.

Photos by Charles Uibel

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