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Go Vibrant

September 4, 2014

Today I wanted to introduce you to a non-profit organization called Go Vibrant. Go Vibrant’s mission is to make an active, energetic lifestyle irresistible, which is a fantastic mission in my opinion! I actually read an article on Al Jazeera today which stated that obesity rates have reached historic highs in the US (click here to read the article) πŸ™

Go Vibrant

I think it is such a shame that obesity levels continue to rise, and I think it is great that we have organizations such as Go Vibrant to help combat the rising levels of obesity. I think that getting children to engage in an active and healthy lifestyle is vital to curbing obesity levels, and that it is imperative for parents to be on board too. 

Go Vibrant have created this awesome map that can help you find fun and active things to do. It helps you find activities in a  variety of cities including San Francisco (yay!), Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City and much more.  I encourage you to use it if you are bored and stuck at home, or just looking for something fun and active to do.  They also have some great articles (one of which I have been asked to share with you all in a future blog post) and walking path maps! Hopefully you find this map and Go Vibrant’s website useful. Let’s all start or continue leading healthy and active lifestyles, and more importantly, encouraging others to lead more active and energetic lifestyles πŸ™‚

Go VIbrant

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Go Vibrant through their partnership with Studio One. Select. While I was compensated to share Go Vibrant’s ‘Get Outside’ Map, all opinions are my own.  

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