How to workout with an injury

November 11, 2014
how to workout with an injury

In my latest recap of my Kayla Itsines journey, I let you all know that I was injured. Luckily, it is not too serious (mild perineal tendonitis) but it means that I am taking it easy this week and making sure I do not do anything that exerts too much pressure onto my foot. 

I.e. no Kayla Itsines workouts this week!

How to workout with an injury

I wanted to write this post to help any of you who may be injured and are wondering how to workout with an injury. When you are injured, it is vital to rest and recover to ensure whatever is injured gets better and does not get damaged any further. When you are injured, it is best to workout whatever body part is not injured. Since I hurt my poor foot, I will be focusing on incorporating low impact cardio on the elliptical machine, and focusing on upper body and core workouts. On Friday, I will be attending a pilates reformer class at Mint Studios because it is a low impact workout but still works your muscles like crazy. I will also be focusing on fitting in a few yoga sessions to keep myself flexible and to ensure my mindset stays positive!

For Lower Body Injuries

  • Focus on upper body and core workouts
  • Here are some great upper body and core workouts you can do:
  • Get Flat Abs Fast
  • TRX upper body workout
  • For cardio you can use the rowing machine, the elliptical or do boxing (there are lots of great free resources online such as Youtube where you can find a cardio boxing workout)
  • Check out the local pool and do some laps for a low impact workout

For Upper Body Injuries

  • Focus on your lower body – work those legs and glutes!
  • Here are some awesome lower body workouts you can do:
  • 14 minute leg blast
  • Killer butt workouts
  • Go for power walks or go on a hike with a friend

Hope this helps you! You absolutely can stay fit and healthy even if you may be injured. Just make sure to listen to your body and stop doing something immediately if it is aggravating your injured spot. Be gentle with yourself and soon you will be healed and able to do more intense and all over body workouts again soon.

How did you deal with injuries in the past? 

Honestly yours,

Featured photo courtesy of Health Me Up

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