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Sunday summary

January 19, 2014

I feel as if I have accomplished so much this past week. I officially launched Honestly Fitness on Tuesday, January 14th, have received over 798 hits and gained 306 likes on Honestly Fitness’ Facebook page.


Wow!! Thank you all so much, I could never have expected such an amazing response, and I all it all to YOU, my wonderful followers!! I have received really supportive and positive comments all around, and I am so happy you are all enjoying the blog posts. That is my goal, to create a blog where people are genuinely excited for the next post to come up and as a way to learn new things about health and fitness. And please, let me know what you would like to see next! I have many idea’s for future posts but I want to know that I am blogging about things you guys want to know about.

I just wanted to end this fantastic week with a health and fitness mention, sort of like a ‘This week I am loving …’ post.

The Green Post

I recently discovered and really love how their approach to health and lifestyle is focused on educating people on a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. It is such a breath of fresh air to find someone else who is focused on the long-term as opposed to quick fixes and short-term changes that will get you nowhere. Although The Green Post is still fairly new, they already have many interesting articles and delicious looking recipes posted! I tried their Butter nut and Lavender Apple pancake recipe and it was AMAZING!! The fact that it still tasted so sweet with only apple sauce as the sweetener was fabulous, and the lavender was a refreshing touch to them. A very original recipe that I recommend you all try!

Yummmmmy! I actually made 3 pancakes but the 3rd one was not photo worthy .. pancake flip fail shall we say ;P

So there you have it for this weeks recap! I am so excited to see how Honestly Fitness grows over the coming few months and eager to share most posts and video’s with you all. I have had so many idea’s locked up in my mind and it is incredibly to be able to finally share them all with you. I also want to mention that I recently created a Pinterest page, so please check it out when you have the chance.

Honestly yours,

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