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Pilates Reformer with OnPointe Training

April 29, 2015

I love pilates reformer workouts. How can I not when people like Iza Goulart and Alessandra Ambrosio, both Victoria’s Secret models, credit pilates reformer with helping craft their long, lean and toned bodies?! Although I realize that genetics plays a major factor, pilates reformer is an intense workout and very different from the usual circuit-style training that I like doing.

The only downside to pilates reformer is that it can be expensive … and especially in San Francisco (have you seen our crazy rent prices?!). This is because of the expensive machinery involved and the fact that classes are always kept small; the maximum amount of people in a class is usually 4-6. You could say I was more than intrigued to learn that OnPointe Training offered pilates reformer classes at an affordable price. And in the Marina district of San Francisco nonetheless – for those of you not local to San Francisco, the Marina district is a very nice and pricey part of the city.

Onpointe training a pilates studio in san francisco marina

OnPointe Training

I was invited to try out a pilates reformer class at OnPointe Training last week and got to meet the lovely owner, Kaitlyn Rhoades, former ballerina turned pilates pro. We got to chat a little bit before and after class and she was extremely sweet. She told me that she wanted to open up a studio which offered pilates reformer at an affordable price because she wants everyone to be able to try it out. And she understands that not everyone can drop $45-50 for a class, two to three times a week! She informed me that to help clients afford the classes, OnPointe Training offered discounted rates through class packs and memberships. Although these options offer more of a commitment, they are a great way to help save money and motivate you to regularly commit to working out.

Onpointe training a pilates studio in san francisco marina

Although the studio space was smaller than other locations in the city, OnPointe Training is in a fantastic location right in the heart of Marina near other healthy food spots such as Seed & Salt, a yummy vegan cafe. Although the workout was not as intense as I had expected (which made sense since there was a beginner in the class I attended), it felt great to workout my body in a different way and target areas I do not normally workout. It surprises me everytime how much pilates reformer engages and works out my core; and how nice and tight it feels afterwards. I was so annoyed I forgot to bring my cute pilates reformer sticky socks and had to do the class with my ugly and old socks!!

Onpointe training a pilates studio in san francisco marina

All in all, it was a great experience and a lovely and complimentary workout to my usual fast-paced circuit workouts. If you live in the area or are visiting, I highly encourage you to check out OnPointe Training so you can experience a pilates reformer class for yourself.

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Disclaimer: I was not financially compensated although I was offered a complimentary pilates reformer workout. Rest assured that my opinions will always stay unbiased and honest.

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  • Cassie May 3, 2015 at 9:24 pm

    I love those machines! They are so much fun to use!

    • Honestly Fitness May 5, 2015 at 12:46 pm

      They are, aren’t they?! I love them πŸ™‚

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