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December 24, 2014

Being a graduate student, the majority of my money goes towards food, rent and my car, leaving little to none to be spent on fun things such as clothes, shoes, and jewelry. So imagine my delight when I find out that San Francisco has its very own jewelry subscription service, Rocksbox!

How does Rocksbox work?

For a small monthly fee, Rocksbox will send you a box with three pieces of designer jewelry, which have been handpicked for you after you take a quick style survey. You can keep the pieces for as long as you like or return them and get a new box with brand new goodies. If you fall in love with a piece and absolutely cannot part with it, Rocksbox offers members 20% off if they decide to purchase anything. Oh, and shipping to your house and then back is free. So cool, right?


You all know that I would not share something with you if I didn’t think it would be useful to you. This is such a great way for all you ladies out there to have jewelry but at an affordable price. And I don’t know about you, but have you seen the price of some of the jewelry out there?? Even the cheap ones are at least $10, and I would much rather pay a small monthly fee and be able to try out and test a bunch of different items of jewelry. Such a good way to keep things fresh and have brand new and gorgeous jewelry for special occasions. 

Rocksbox review

 Clearly, I wear jewelry to very important events haha. This was actually at my housemate’s work party at Madame Tussaud’s. If I had to pick a role model, Audrey Hepburn would win in a heartbeat. I like to think that we do not need someone to model ourselves off of, but I think it is helpful to have a figure to look up to with qualities you admire (as opposed to trying to be their clone).

Honestly Fitness Approved

Rocksbox is 100% Honestly Fitness approved. Wellness is defined as “the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health”, and being able to have nice things can certainly add to that. Who doesn’t like having new things after all, and especially designer pieces that are a reasonable price. I am so supportive of companies that provide a service to young women that help them feel confident and beautiful.

I also looked up some info. on the CEO of Rocksbox, Meaghan Rose, and I am impressed! She holds both an MS in Economics and an MBA; such a fantastic example of a forward thinking and successful lady.

Click here to try Rocksbox and get some gorgeous jewelry for the New Year (not an affiliate link, just my personal referral link).

Tell me what you think! Would you ever try out Rocksbox?

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Disclaimer: Although I was not financially compensated for this post, I was given a free Rocksbox subscription for 3 months. As always, my thoughts and opinions expressed on Honestly Fitness remain my own.

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