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SunBasket: Healthy Cooking Made Easy

August 7, 2016

Surprisingly enough, I have been finding it harder to prioritize making healthy meals with a full-time job than when I was doing my master’s degree and had a part-time job. I think the reason for this is because now that I work 8 hours a day, there are no breaks in between where I can go home, make food or workout. I have a pretty strict routine of waking up at 6am (sometimes earlier) to workout, getting ready for work, going to work and coming home. The last thing I want to do after such a long day is making food and meal prepping (and I keep forgetting to on Sunday lol).

Read on to see how I make healthy eating work with a hectic work schedule and how you can get 3 free meals (so you can eat healthy despite your busy schedule too).


review of SunBasket healthy food delivery service

Enter SunBasket – I was thrilled when I learned about them and how they sent you hand selected, seasonal food to help make healthy and delicious meals. I had heard of services like this before and so I was curious as to what made them different. The key difference is that their produce is all organic, their seafood is wild line caught, their meat is responsibly raised and grass-fed, and they have 100% recyclable packaging. That last point really struck a chord with me because of how smart it was! You get sent a huge box food of produce and how ridiculously wasteful would it be if you had to just throw it away, right? That impressed me right from the get go.

How it works is that you select your meal plan, which includes 4 options such as paleo and vegetarian, how many people you need meals for, and finally what meals you actually want – and the meals change each week. You then receive your SunBasket with all of the ingredients needed, cook, EAT (best part), schedule a USPS pickup (for free online) for your box and leave it to be picked up. So effortless!

The Best Part: Food!

I had chosen to receive ingredients for Eggplant parmesan with sauteed greens, Steak with herb butter, frying peppers and gremolata, and Moroccan chicken wings with roasted cauliflower (mmmm). After being rather delighted when examining all the ingredients in my SunBasket (we got a little pouch with one tiny garlic clove, cuuute), my husband and I got down to business. We decided to make the eggplant and steak together while I would make the chicken wings the next day for dinner.

review of SunBasket healthy food delivery service

review of SunBasket healthy food delivery service

 It was such a fun and easy process making these two absolutely delicious meals. It was actually pretty hilarious, because my husband was convinced he would hate the eggplant but one bite totally changed him. And the steak was incredible – my husband had grilled it perfectly and the gremolata was an incredible flavorful addition to the meal.

review of SunBasket healthy food delivery service

The chicken wings were equally as delicious, and the salad that came with it impressed me – a lot. It was a gorgeous roasted cauliflower, cherry tomato, mint and celery salad tossed with a wonderful maple vinaigrette. It was the perfect addition to the spiced chicken wings and helped keep the meal light yet filling.

Honestly Fitness Approved

Like, 100% approved! Although the service is not free, considering the quality of food you get, it is very reasonable and definitely worth trying. I was always a little skeptical about these types of services because I had heard negative reviews in the past. But I was honestly so impressed with SunBasket and would absolutely recommend them to my friends (and YOU)!

Do you have any questions? Let me know what they are and I’ll see if I can answer any questions or concerns you may have. I reeeeally want you to try SunBasket so I can see what you think of it! Get 3 free meals by clicking here!

Honestly yours,

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Disclaimer: I was offered a SunBasket in return for a review. No matter what, my views and opinions will always remain honest and my own.

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