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This is why you Need a Standing Desk

November 15, 2015

I’ve been working really hard on walking more and sitting for shorter periods of time. Sitting in general is not bad for you but so many of us sit for hours at a time and as a people, we have become much more sedentary. This video does a fantastic job of explaining why sitting for long periods of time is such a burden on our bodies.

As someone with a regular 9-5, I find myself sitting for hours at a time without even meaning to – I can just sometimes get really engrossed with what I am doing. I have been using a fitness tracker for the past few weeks (which I can’t discuss until next week so stay tuned) and it has been a huge eye opener into how much I am moving. When I first started using it, I would notice that sometimes I would only take 3,000 steps a day. Umm, what the heck! It is recommended to take approximately 7,000-10,000 steps a day and I obviously came nowhere near that. 

Rebel Desk

Rebel Up 2000 Glass Top

Photos by Charles Uibel

Enter this beautiful creation – Rebel Desk’s adjustable standing desk! When the kind team over at Rebel Desk reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing their adjustable standing desk, I jumped at the chance.

Now, I realize that by standing I am not exactly taking more steps but there is a lot to be said about the benefits of standing as opposed to sitting. A study recently stated that just by substituting two hours of sitting for standing can help to improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels. As I don’t have a standing desk at work, I love being able to come home and use my laptop without the need to sit down – and same goes for the weekends. It kind of pained my soul to sit down again after hours of sitting and staring at a computer at work so the Rebel Desk has made things so much better. And it is an absolutely beautiful desk – it matches our glass dining table perfectly!

Rebel Up 2000 Glass Top

One of the many cool things about this desk is that it has a power outlet as well as 2 USB ports. Instead of fighting to use the few power ports in your home and having cables trailing everywhere, you can keep it all in one handy place. 

Rebel Up 2000 Glass Top

Rebel Up 2000 Glass Top

And as the name suggests, it is an adjustable desk meaning that if you get tired of standing (it takes some getting used to) you can pull out the handle and simply roll it down so you can take a break. This is one of my absolute favorite features and it surprises me everytime how easy it is to use. I was a little nervous that it would make a loud noise or be really hard to roll down – but nope, it’s a piece of cake. And why yes, that red drink is hibiscus tea in case you were wondering (I’ll be doing a post about that soon too)!

Rebel Up 2000 Glass Top

For those of you wondering, it does not arrive at your place all nicely put together for you. Like the majority of furniture, you do have to put it together yourself but it comes with instructions and is not particularly difficult to set up. I admit that I asked (forced) my husband to do it hehe. 

The Details

If you are looking for a great investment piece that will not only benefit your health but make a gorgeous addition to your home, I highly recommend you look into getting the Rebel Desk. It isn’t cheap but to be honest it is around the same price as other glass desks plus it is adjustable – I mean seriously, how cool is that?! A lot of standing desks are just that – standing desks, and as good as standing is for you, it isn’t realistic to stand for 10+ hours a day. Oh, and Rebel Desk also offer treadmills if you want to be really efficient and get your steps in while you work.

What are your thoughts? Are you convinced that an adjustable standing desk is for you? Let me know in the comments below and if you have any questions I am more than happy to answer them. I genuinely love this desk and would never feature a product that I don’t think would help.

Honestly yours,

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  • Janelle @ Wholly Healthy November 15, 2015 at 7:32 pm

    I love that you can adjust it! and the outlets!

    • Honestly Fitness November 15, 2015 at 7:50 pm

      It’s so great, isn’t it?! So practical and the design was really well thought out. Hope you’re well, Janelle πŸ™‚