Falling Into Bed With Tomorrow Sleep [Mattress Review]

January 17, 2018

For the past couple years, we’ve been using an old futon as a bed in our guest room. While quite comfortable, we’ve started having quite a few friends come to visit us (finally lol), and it was becoming obvious that we’d need an actual bed soon. As luck may have it, the lovely Tomorrow Sleep team reached out to me, seemingly being able to read my mind, and asked if I’d like to review their memory foam hybrid mattress. Umm, yes please!

Who are Tomorrow Sleep?

When Tomorrow Sleep reached out to me, I actually hadn’t heard of them before. I went over to their website and was instantly intrigued. They are a new sleep company backed by mattress giant Serta Simmons that produce mattresses sent straight to your front door–i.e. a “bed in a box.” 

While they are a new company, they have the benefit of Serta Simmons many years worth of research, development and insights into sleep. What separates Tomorrow Sleep from other mattress companies is the fact that they sell a whole smart sleep system alongside their mattresses. If you check out their website, you’ll see that this system is composed of pillows, sheets, comforter, drapes and a Sleeptracker which records the quality of your sleep. They also have a genuinely cool online magazine and the articles I’ve read have been really interesting and useful.

What’s the Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Like?


When buying a mattress from Tomorrow Sleep, you choose from a range of sizes and two types of firmness–medium soft or medium firm. I ended up going with the medium firm, California King. And guys, it’s freaking magical. We tried to approach testing out the mattress as scientifically as possible πŸ™‚ My husband and I spent a week sleeping in the Tomorrow Sleep mattress, and we also had two guests over on separate occasions, who slept on the bed as well. 

The verdict from my husband and I? Loved it! We had an incredible, comfy sleep. And let me tell you, we’re pretty picky because we typically sleep in a tempurpedic. 

The verdict from our two guests? Loved it as well! They noted that the mattress was soft, but didn’t continue sinking in, and had really good support. One of our friends noted that she wished the edges of the mattress didn’t sink in, as she found it a little hard to get out of at times.

Is the Comforter Worth Buying?


Yessssss. Omg, the comforter is a dream! Admittedly, it is a little loud when you bring it up to your face and snuggle into it, but it’s unbelievably soft and comfortable. When you first settle down, the comforter is a little cold but you quickly warm up and feel snug. It feels super luxurious and I’d happily stay snuggled up under it forever (but you know, life must be lived after all haha).

Were the Sheets Cooling?


The bedsheets came with fitted and loose pillow sheets as well. They are your standard white sheets which initially made me nervous because I thought they’d get dirty really easily. Luckily, they are still doing fine (we received this mattress, sheets and comforter in October) and are machine washeable.

At first, the sheets are quite crinkly and a little noisy, but that disappears after a couple of washes. And yes, they are lovely and cooling, but not overly so. I personally really like getting into a cold bed which slowly warms up to the perfect temperature. I find that it helps me sleep better and probably because the feel of the cold bed has signaled my body that it’s time to sleep, and to lower it’s metabolic functions.


Do I love this bed? Yes, yes and yes! It is extremely comfortable and I love that it is soft yet still supportive. It’s a fairly large bed and I love having space to roll around and get comfortable in addition to snuggling up with my husband. I definitely recommend you buy a Tomorrow Sleep mattress if you’re in the market for one. The comforter is also a non-negotiable in my opinion–it really is one of the best comforters I’ve ever slept with! [Code]

Sleep is incredibly important for every aspect of your life and especially so when it comes to fitness. Sleep deprivation can lead to a whole host of things which will slow down your fitness, and weight loss, efforts. Don’t half-ass your sleep–get a genuinely comfortable bed and reap the benefits immediately.

How many hours of sleep do you normally get every night? Let me know in the comments below or on Instagram, and please feel free to reach out with any additional questions on the Tomorrow Sleep mattress.

Honestly yours,

Disclaimer: I was given this mattress in return for an honest review. There was no compensation involved and as always, I only ever recommend products that I genuinely love and use myself.

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