Wednesday Wishlist

September 7, 2014

Being permanently strapped for cash can kind of suck, and I am sure anyone who is in university (and especially graduate school) can relate to this.

I am constantly thinking about all the nice things I will one day be able to afford buuuut for now, the closest I can get to reaching them is to dream. Dream, work hard, graduate and get an amazing job once I finish my master’s degree of course πŸ™‚

Wednesday Wishlist

Therefore … welcome to my Wednesday (fitness) wishlist! I thought I would share with you all a fun little graphic with my top 5 fitness wants. I am sure you will agree on me with at least one thing, and if not then tell me fitness item you are currently dreaming about!

fitness wishlist which includes Kayla Itsines BBG and quest protein chips

1. NEW WORKOUT CLOTHES!!! Somehow I never have enough workout bottoms. One of my leggings magically disappeared and the other one has a hole in it ugh … I am loving these leggings from Cassey Ho’s (the Blogilates lady) new activewear line, Bodypop Active.

2. BIKINI BODY GUIDE 2.0 by the fantastically fit, Kayla Itsines. I am thinking of redoing her 1st bikini body guide soon and then purchasing the second one after I complete it. Stay tuned for posts on what I think about it and then a full-scale review once I complete the program πŸ™‚

3. NEW TRAINERS – good lord yes, I have had the same Nike’s for 3 years. And as amazing as they are, they are getting pretty worn out. Would love a pair of these cute mint coloured Nike’s!

4. QUEST PROTEIN CHIPS – haven’t managed to find any yet although I haven’t undertaken an intensive search to find them yet. The macronutrients on these chips sound incredible and I have heard they also TASTE incredible!

5. OLIVE OIL SPRAYER – I used to have something similar to this when I lived in the UK, and I am kicking myself in the butt for not bringing it to the US. I think these are really cool because a lot of sprays you buy at the supermarket have a lot of unnecessary ingredients added so that the oil will actually spray out of the can. This cool Misto olive oil spray works by utilizing pressure. Great way to use less oil when cooking.

If anyone wishes to donate to the Alice Fund, go right ahead … haha just kidding! Anyway, let me know in the comments below what you thought of my choices and what your burning fitness desires are! Products or not πŸ˜‰

Honestly yours,
Alice xxx

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