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SunBasket: Healthy Cooking Made Easy

August 7, 2016

Surprisingly enough, I have been finding it harder to prioritize making healthy meals with a full-time job than when I was doing my master’s degree and had a part-time job. I think the reason for this is because now that I work 8 hours a day, there are no breaks in between where I can go home, make food or workout. I have a pretty strict routine of waking up at 6am (sometimes earlier) to workout, getting ready for work, going to work and coming home. The last thing I want to do after such a long day is making food and meal prepping (and I keep forgetting to on Sunday lol).

Read on to see how I make healthy eating work with a hectic work schedule and how you can get 3 free meals (so you can eat healthy despite your busy schedule too). Continue Reading…

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Salt Burn Studios – The New Crazy Hard Megaformer Workout!

May 11, 2016

**Update: Unfortunately Salt Burn Studios have gone out of business.**

The last time I tried a megaformer workout was about three years ago in Orange County, California. I assumed that the workout would be similar to a pilates reformer workout, but boy was I wrong–it’s like pilates reformer on crack! I received an exciting email a couple of weeks ago letting me know that Salt Lake City no had it’s very first megaformer studio, Salt Burn Studios. Continue Reading…