How to stay healthy during Thanksgiving

November 22, 2015

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Can you believe that Thanksgiving is this Thursday? I know everyone says this, but time really does fly, and it goes by faster and faster every year. I only started celebrating Thanksgiving a few years ago when I moved to the US but I love it – it has such a wonderful message behind it and I always anticipate the food. I am not a huge turkey fan but I love typical Thanksgiving desserts such as pumpkin pie and pecan pie. 

Staying healthy over Thanksgiving is something everyone struggles with, whether you’re a Hollywood celebrity or a college student. It’s difficult not to overeat when so much food is present. While it is unrealistic for me to tell you to avoid eating anything fatty or sugary, it is realistic for me to share these easy ways you can stay healthy during Thanksgiving. 

How to stay healthy during Thanksgiving


Source: Popsugar

  1. Practice portion control. This is everything and something that is extremely hard to practice, I know! Try and stick to normal sized portions. This shows you how to eyeball correct servings. 
  2. Make sure to talk lots during your meal. This will help you slow down and allow your body time to register fullness.
  3. Remember to eat your food slowly and you will be more likely to stick to your allotted servings instead of going back for more. 
  4. Wake up early and workout. This can be your usual workout at the gym, a boxing class, or even a fast walk with a friend. Get moving for 40-60 minutes and at least you will have gotten some exercise in before having a big indulgent Thanksgiving meal.
  5. Stick to water and teas throughout the day. If you are going to indulge on food, then indulge on food and not drinks. However, if you are going to have a drink, stick to a glass of wine or champagne and avoid any sugary cocktails.
  6. Don’t continue indulging the day after! Get back on track, prepare some healthy meals and schedule in a workout.

Hopefully these help you out and make your Thanksgiving a little healthier. Remember to enjoy yourself – this holiday only comes once a year and as long as you are eating healthily and working out on a regular basis, one day won’t hurt you.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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