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The Coolest New Fitness Gadgets from CES 2016

January 12, 2016
coolest new fitness gadgets from ces 2016

I follow tech news quite closely and CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is like the place where companies debut new and exciting tech products. There were several exciting announcements (such as the smart cities initiative which AT&T and Panasonic are pushing) but my focus is obviously on the innovative health and fitness products. The following are the most notable fitness gadgets from CES. 

The Coolest New Fitness Gadgets 

new fitness gadget ces 2016 healbe gobe 1.2

Source: Yahoo

HealBe GOBe 1.2

I first heard about HealBe a few weeks ago after they connected with me on Instagram. Their new and improved fitness tracker claims to measure calorie intake via blood glucose levels, with improved activity tracking and galvanic skin response sensors from stress monitoring. There have been concerns over whether the data actually supports this (there’s no peer-reviewed research out there about it yet), but promising stuff if the caloric intake tracking system proves to be accurate.

coolest new tech gadgets from ces 2016 sensoria smart running clothing

 Source: PR Newswire

Sensoria Smart Running Clothing

Smart clothes … what does that entail? Well, with Sensoria’s sports bra (when paired with their app), it is supposed to monitor your heart rate while you run. Sensoria has also come out with socks that monitor everything to with with moving – think calories, distance steps and pace. Could all be potentially interesting for runners, but I think the $199 for the socks and the $139 for the sports bra will be hard for most to swallow. 



coolest fitness gadget ces 2016 mira opal

Source: PRNewswire

Mira Opal 

The Mira Opal is one of my personal favorites from CES 2016 – it’s an absolutely beautiful bracelet which is an activity tracker, similar to other brands such as Jawbone and Fitbit. It is priced at $169 which is competitive with other fitness trackers. I think that the Mira Opal could become a favorite with women interested in health and fitness but they face some serious competition in a crowded space.

coolest fitness gadget ces 2016 altra IQ

Source: Businesswire

Altra IQ

A smart shoe!! I’ve been wondering when something like this was going to be made. The company has stated that it collects data about your stride as you run, to make you better informed about your own personal biomechanics. There are sensors on the show’s midsole which tracks various components related to your running, such as where you are striking on your foot. It uses bluetooth to transmit the data to their app or the Apple watch.

All in all, it seems like a great shoe for serious athletes but I wonder whether it will really resonate with the average person.

coolest fitness gadgets ces 2016 gymwatch

Source: Gymwatch


Gymwatch, a fitness tracker, announced that the gadget would now be compatible to the Apple watch. It’s a really interesting piece of technology which is able to track both your strength and motion during your workouts using a mix of sensors. It helps you build muscle in the correct way by tracking the course of limb movements and measuring the tension in different muscle contractions.

Gymwatch is probably the most innovative fitness gadget I’ve seen in a long time and I’m interested to see how people react to it. Like the other fitness gadgets, it isn’t cheap but I think it’s has the most value.


Guys – what are your thoughts? Were you interested in learning about these or have you fallen asleep? I would love to do more fitness/tech related posts if you find them interested. Just let me know in the comments below what YOU want to see πŸ™‚

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