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5 Easy Ways to Save Money While Eating Healthy!

October 2, 2016

It’s easy to assume that eating healthy foods can be expensive. There’s so much advice thrown around on the internet telling you to buy expensive protein powders, multivitamins, organic food and etcetera. In reality, eating healthy and living an active lifestyle does not have to be expensive. I’m such an advocate of making small changes to lead a healthier life and so today, I wanted to share 5 easy ways to save money while eating healthy!

Save Money, Eat Well!

1. Use an app, like Digit, so you save money without even thinking about it

This is my newest and favorite find. I can’t remember how I came across Digit (I was probably reading something online) but I was really intrigued by it. It works by looking at your how much money you are spending to see if it can transfer some money into a special FDIC-insured Digit deposit account. It’s basically like a separate bank account which does not earn interest for you. So be sure to check your Digit account once a week or so, and transfer it to you regular savings account, so you can earn interest on it.


Source: Budgets Are Sexy

I’ve seriously grown to love Digit (this is 100% not sponsored) and it’s helped me save a lot of money without even thinking about it! I highly recommend  you download it and then let me know how it goes for you–click here to download Digit (you get $5 if you use my link)!

2. Buy grains, nuts and flours in bulk

While I recommend that you buy as much as you can in bulk, grains, nuts and flours make the most sense. This is because they can be stored for a long time, whereas products such as fruit and meat will spoil quite quickly. Typically, nuts and special nut flours can also be quite expensive, so you can save a lot of money by buying them in bulk.


I always make sure to buy brown rice, almond flour, and brazil nuts in bulk (gotta get that manganese in somehow)!

3. Take advantage of discount deals and promo codes to buy more expensive items

I am obsessed with a handful of protein powders (Reserveage, Quest Protein and My Smart Shake by USANA). However, protein powder, especially good quality ones, can be pretty pricey. To combat this, I always wait until these products are discounted, either in-store at a grocery store, or online. I then buy them in bulk!

bob's red mill protein powder

How do you find these discounts? Super easy–just Google the name of your product and add the words ‘discount’ or ‘promo code’ after it. Most of the times, you’ll find an online retail store, such as Amazon or VitaCost, that is running a special deal or will give you a certain discount code if you sign up for their newsletter. For in-store discounts, just keep an eye on when they do deals–ask the cashier when they typically have sales and remember that most stores will offer discounts at the end of a season or near a holiday.

4. Buy frozen fruit for smoothies

Pretty sure I’ve given you guys this tip like 5 times already, but that’s only because it’s such a freaking good way to save money! Of course, I LOVE fresh fruit, but frozen fruit is usually cheaper and flash frozen at the height of it’s ripeness. 

A tasty and healthy new year detox green smoothie packed with protein, veg and an interesting mystery ingredient Recipe on the blog! For all my #IIFYM babes, the macros are 37c/22p/1f (yes I was surprised at how low the fat was too lol). Received the helpful advice that my previous photo was underexposed so I corrected it :)

It also makes a fantastic and creamy smoothie. Try it out for yourself–I challenge you to buy frozen bananas and to make my yummy detox green smoothie. It’s soooo good and you’ll see for yourself how much creamier frozen fruit can make smoothies!

5. Make slow cooker meals so you can buy cheaper meats (that are slightly tougher)

There’s a reason that certain cuts of meat are cheaper than other and it is usually because they are tougher and less desirable than other cuts of meat. The BBC has a really useful page which shows you how to choose cheap, yet flavorful cuts of beef, lamb and pork.


Source: Food Network

To get over the fact that the meat is tougher than other cuts, I will usually use it in a slow cooker recipe. This is the perfect way to use cheap, tough cuts of meat because the slow cooker will tenderize the meat from cooking it over a steady, low heat for several hours. I will make beef stews with beans, soups and more. I will be sure to post a slow-cooker recipe soon and will link to it here when I do! For now, here is a good beef stew slow cooker recipe you can try out.

I hope you liked all of my tips on how to save money while eating healthy. Please let me know if you end up trying them and if they helped you out. And comment below if I have missed any kickass tips on eating healthy on a budget!

Honestly yours,

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