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Here’s a Month’s Worth of Meal Prep Recipes

October 26, 2017

While I am a huge advocate of meal prep, I get bored easily, and it can be a struggle to find yummy recipes that I actually want to meal prep for my lunches. I completely get the struggle, and as such, I wanted to share with you all a month’s worth of meal prep recipes; so now there are no excuses! And these have all been tested by me and I can vouch for how yummy these are. And more importantly, how easy there are to make.

Before I launch into the recipes themselves, let me give you some tips into meal prep strategy

Meal prep on Sunday

  • This is not a hard, fast rule but this certainly works for me. 
  • I carve out 2-hours of my time every Sunday to grocery shop and then cook my lunches for the week.

Buy tupperware

  • Chances are you already have tupperware but you probably don’t have enough for a full week’s worth of lunches.
  • Buy 5 new tupperware containers so that you aren’t scrambling at the last minute, wondering how you’ll store all the yummy food you made!
  • I personally tupperware made out of glass because they are sturdier.


  • Read through the recipes first. Seriously. Don’t just launch straight into cooking because chances are that you’ll realize you forgot to prep something, put the oven on, etc. 
  • I’m reiterating the above point–take a few minutes to read through your recipes and work out the best way to tackle the meals that you are making.

Now that you’ve got your strategy done, let’s move on to the recipes themselves!

Week 1

For week 1, you’ll be meal prepping the following two recipes; a delicious salad and a filling veggie burger.

Week 2

This week is easy peasy. Prepare twice the amount as listed in the recipe below and have food for 4 days

On Friday, swing by Trader Joe’s and buy the fresh shrimp rolls and cauliflower and potato Indian salad

  • One could deem this as not meal prepping–however, these are cheap, fresh, and incredibly tasty options for lunch.

Week 3

This is salad week–you will prep a different salad every week using the following recipes:

Week 4

Greatist have been killing it with their meal prep recipes recently. Try out this amazing lineup of paleo meals that you can bring in for lunch. My personal fave is the stuffed baked sweet potato (mmmm):

Drum roll please…..CONGRATS on completing a full month of meal prep lunches. I am sure by now, you are feeling healthy, motivated and accomplished. I hope that this full month of meal prep recipes helps put you back on track and in charge of your life. Please share this on your social media if you found it helpful so that you can help out your friends and family.

Meal prep may seem difficult but it’s not. You can DO IT. Prioritize yourself and your health. And message me if you come across any issues that you want to talk out with someone. I am here for you!

Honestly yours,

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