Interview with Natalie: Kayla Itsines Transformation

November 5, 2014
Natalie Butterfield is a familiar face for those of you who are fans of the Kayla Itsines bikini body guide workout program. She has been featured many a time because of her incredible body transformation from Kayla Itsines bikini body guides (get the guides here)! I wanted to share Natalie’s story with you all to inspire you and to provide a motivational boost for anyone who might be struggling in their journey for health and fitness.

Natalie: Kayla Itsines Transformation

Natalie 0403natalie Kayla Itsines Transformation
HF: Hi Natalie! Most of us know you from Instagram, where you have shared your journey using Kayla Itsines’ workout and H.E.L.P. guide. Tell us a little bit about yourself πŸ™‚
N: I’m a qualified dance/preschool teacher but currently nanny. I am soon to be leaving Sydney for the beautiful country side with my amazing fiancΓ©. It will be very different to my coasty lifestyle but I’m always up for an exciting new adventure!! I love the outdoors, love love love the beach and leading a healthy lifestyle.
HF: What made you decide to use Kayla Itsines guides?
N: I’ve always been into fitness classes and structured programs, but  usually failed because of the unrealistic guidelines I had to follow. I’d been following Kayla’s Instagram page for a while and we all know the results she posts are phenomenal! I was ready for a change and one day just thought I’m going to try this out! 
HF: How does the new BBG 2.0 (bikini body guide 2.0) compare to BBG 1.0 in your opinion?
N: They are both very different; at first I wasn’t to sure about it and it took me a little while to adjust but as it progressed I realised just how much harder it was – I still can’t lift my arms and it’s been 3 days since arm day. It’s as hard as you make it with increasing weights etc. I love it and I’ll be repeating it again. 
HF: What would you say was the hardest aspect about your transformation?
N: Probably the mentality change you undergo on a fitness journey! Working out what’s right for you and your body, your emotional state, and understanding that carbs are in fact your friend and that less is more! (HF: I totally agree!)
HF: What does a typical day of food look like in the life of Natalie?
N: This one’s a little hard. I follow Kayla’s food guidelines, but as I’m maintaining my weight, I eat more than suggested. I tend to eat 6 meals a day and 3 litres of water. I get a healthy balance of all the food groups!! 
HF: There’s a lot of confusion surrounding health and fitness. What tip would you give to those trying to start a healthier lifestyle?
N: Don’t be so harsh on yourself! Be patient and trust the process, you are your own biggest critic.D on’t feel bad for eating “cheat meals” or just eating a biscuit or ice cream here and there as it’s meant to be a lifestyle change and not a diet. If you deprive yourself it’s just not sustainable!! And most of all, love your body while you work for the body you want – as long as you feel healthy and happy within yourself then nothing else matters.
HF: What song always motivates you and gets you pumped to workout?
N: Nervo – Reason is my jam at the moment. 
Natalie 0403natalie Kayla Itsines Transformation
HF: If you could pick anywhere to go on holiday, where would it be?
N: Back to the Greek Islands. I absolutely love it there it, is one of the most amazing places on earth. 
HF: What can we expect from you in the future?
N: I’m currently studying sports nutrition so hopefully that leads me down an amazing career path! I want to travel, will be marrying the man of my dreams, and have plenty of new and exciting adventures with lots of laughter along the way!! 
Natalie 0403natalie Kayla Itsines Transformation
Thank you so much to Natalie for her time and for sharing her story with us all! I think she is a fantastic health and fitness role model, with a great and balanced attitude to match.
Do you have any questions for Natalie? Let her know in the comments below.
Honestly yours,


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