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Megaformer in SLC: Peak45 Review

November 4, 2017

Megaformer is back in Salt Lake City and I cannot contain my excitement! Last year, an incredible megaformer studio called Salt Burn Studio opened up South of SLC but unfortunately, it went out of business. Peak45 is a new megaformer studio that is located right in downtown Salt Lake City and it’s here to stay.

What is Megaformer?

Before launching into my review of Peak45 and their megaformer classes, let me explain what megaformer actually is. My colloquial explanation of megaformer is, “it’s like pilates reformer on crack” haha. For a more formal explanation, megaformer is the name of the actual piece of equipment which you workout on.

The workout is based on the Lagree Fitness method which places an emphasis on cardio, balance, strength and flexibility (yes, all at once). A typical megaformer workout lasts anywhere from 45-60 minutes and can burn up to 500-800 per session. I’m literally sweating buckets throughout the whole class and it is not a pretty sight. Megaformer is a low impact, high-intensity workout which makes it perfect for anyone to try. You will not hurt your joints like you might during a high-impact HIIT session, for example. 

Megaformer at Peak45


Megaformer workouts at Peak45 last 45-minutes, hence the name, and will kick your butt…and everything else! Peak45 is conveniently located in downtown Salt Lake City, in the same building as Salt Lake Power Yoga, and right opposite Vive Juicery. It’s like a one-stop shop for fitness! They have a variety of classes spread throughout the day with an amazing team of instructors. I’ve taken classes with most of their instructors and they are all professional and do not go easy on you! My personal favorite is Joey and I’ve taken to attending his Saturday morning classes. It’s a great way to start the day although during the class, I always wonder why I’m torturing myself!!

What Can I Expect in a Megaformer Class at Peak45?

As I said, each class is 45-minutes long. Show up in time (I typically arrive 5-10 minutes early) because doors are locked when class begins. A typical class will start off with some core work to warm you up and then you’ll move on to a lower body sequence. Every exercise you do on the megaformer is humbling; you’re moving slowly yet working incredibly hard because you are working multiple muscles at a time. You work one side of your leg first and run through multiple workouts–you’re working until failure to activate your slow-twitch muscle fibers, which are difficult to tire out. 


Once you’ve worked out both the left and right side of your lower body, you move on to obliques. Holy hell, this is the absolute hardest part of the workout (in my opinion) but I’ve seen significant results in my core as a result. You’ll have to try megaformer out to see what I mean.

After you work out your obliques on the left and right side of your body, you move on to upper body and finish with a final core exercise. I enjoy the upper body work because I know that the workout is coming to an end and because I’m semi-obsessed with having a strong, toned back.

Honestly Fitness Approved

I urge you to go and try a class at Peak45 ASAP! It’s challenging and yields results fast. I’m such a huge fan and I’d love to hear your thoughts on Peak45 if you try them out too. You can sign up for classes on their website–click here to book your first class. I recommend bringing sticky socks if you have them but they aren’t essential. They are helpful in securing you when you’re moving around on top of the megaformer.

Please message me in the comments section below, or reach out to me on Instagram, with your thoughts on megaformer. I’d love to hear if you’re as big a fan as I am of this incredible workout!

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