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The Bar Method Salt Lake City

July 26, 2015

A few months ago, I was chatting to a friend and discussing what type of workouts we were doing. She told me that she had started going to The Bar Method quite a lot, and that she loved it. “Alice, it burns but it’s awesome and you’ll fall in love with it.”  – umm, with a statement like that, who wouldn’t give it a try! When I lived in San Francisco, I had heard about The Bar Method but never got to do a workout there. I did some research and found that there was a Bar Method studio in Salt Lake City, lucky me! 

The Bar Method Salt Lake City

The Bar Method (1 of 1)

The Bar Method Salt Lake City is located in Sugarhouse with it’s own parking lot, which is really convenient given how busy Sugarhouse can get. The main class offered at The Bar Method is called ‘Mixed Methods’ and is offered at a variety of different times during the day. I went along to one of Braden’s Mixed Methods class at 6pm; I was so excited, I would finally get to see what all the hype was about and experience it for myself! Continue Reading…

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Change begets progress

July 12, 2015

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about how change is often necessary for progress in any facet of life. While change can often be exciting, at times it can be downright frightening because of it’s unpredictability. I have been thinking a lot about how I need to shake up my eating and fitness routine, because I have once again plateaued and I am not seeing the results I want. So frustrating but I am determined to reach my goals instead of sitting and whining about them. All I can do is push forward and see what works and what doesn’t.

change begets progress with the skinny bitch collective

I have slowly initiated change over the past few weeks; the purchase of my Polar heart rate monitor watch being one of them. I was curious to see how hard I was working and it has been so insightful. It has shown me that my cardiovascular is nowhere near as good as I thought it was and that I really need to step up my cardio game. I was actually really upset to see how high my heart rate was getting during my workouts, which sounds so silly, but it is disappointing when you thought you were much more fit than you actually are! Continue Reading…