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Grokker Review – Own Your 2016 Fitness Goals!

January 27, 2016

I’ll admit, when I was first asked to review Grokker, I wasn’t sure what I would think about it. I go to the gym to do my workouts because I need to access heavy weights and certain gym equipment and I normally do yoga videos on The Yoga Collective. I decided to go for it and take advantage of their free 30 day trial. I’ve heard about Grokker a lot because they’ve definitely made waves in the fitness world. I have to say that after the end of the 2 weeks, I understood what all the (good) fuss was about! 

Grokker Review

Before we go any further, I want to explain what Grokker is for those who are scratching their heads in confusion! Grokker is an online community and resource for busy people who want to commit to fitness. They have an extremely comprehensive video database with everything from yoga, cooking videos, strength workouts and meditation.

I was really impressed with the range of videos they offered – one of the issues I tend to have with websites that offer fitness videos is that there is not enough choice. Not the case with Grokker, that’s for sure. Furthermore, the fact that Grokker is an online community means that you will always have access to workouts as long as you have WiFi – so you can workout at home or on holiday!


While Grokker gives you the tools to be fit and healthy, it can be difficult to actually find the time to do a workout. Grokker actually send you workouts about once a week to let you know about new videos and videos they recommend for you. This is great for me because even though I love yoga, I sometimes forget to do it until late. I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten in a lot more yoga practice these last 2 weeks because of their emails that kept me accountable – yay! 

This is an obvious pro for people who are always busy and on the go.

Qualified Instructors

I love that Grokker has such a wealth of qualified professionals that take you through your workout. I already have a favorite yoga instructor, Tammy Jones Mittell, a Senior Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher & Therapist with over 1000 hours of training. She has practiced yoga since the age of 14 and teaching for 8 years with an SOAS doing a Masters degree in Yoga Philosophy & Meditation. I love the yoga classes she teaches and she has the most calming voice. My two favorite videos are both hip opening vinyasas – click here and here to see what I mean.

With the vast amount of qualified instructors on Grokker, I do not doubt that you’ll find a favorite instructor quickly!

A Focus on Cooking

Honestly Fitness Grokker review workout at home

I think their focus on cooking is a real selling point. They have tons of cooking videos that teach you how to make anything from Thai food to vegan & raw food, as well as cooking tips, articles as well as cooking experts. I came across a cooking expert, Linda Anusasananan, who is a food editor for Sunset Magazine – so cool and I love that you can follow experts and see what videos they have made (I definitely plan on making her homemade pot stickers sometime soon).


If you’re new to working out and eating healthy, it can be an intimidating experience. You may not have a support network and having an online forum with like-minded people can be extremely important to helping you not only reach your fitness goals, but stick to them. There’s been a lot more attention lately about the importance of your social network in terms of sticking to your health and fitness goals – and I can understand why. Think about it, if you are surrounded by people who always want to go to the bars and eat junk food, chances are you will too. But if you have a positive community that encourages you to eat healthy and stick to your workouts, chances are you will!

Honestly Fitness Approved

I think that Grokker is a fantastic platform for anyone who is committed to their health and fitness. They are offering a special 30 day trial for you which you can get by clicking here. I’m proud to be a partner with Grokker and as you know, I would only ever recommend something that I think that you would enjoy and benefit from. Let me know what you think

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