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Superfood Cereal and Vegan Soup

April 4, 2015

Unfortunately, this wasn’t my best week. I came back to San Francisco on Tuesday morning and started feeling ill on Thursday, which was a nightmare because I had to do a presentation that night and submit a very important assignment on Saturday. I somehow managed to get all that done and try out some good food in the process (although my stomach was killing me Friday and Saturday :()

Superfood Cereal and Vegan Soup

Superfood cereal from Vigilant Eats

 Superfood Cereal

So, on Tuesday, I arrived back home to find a gem of a package from Abe’s Market. I have been using Abe’s Market ‘Try for 2’ program for the past few months because it is a fantastic way to try out new healthy foods and products; for only $2! I’ve tried a few different superfood cereal flavors from Vigilant Eats before (Maca espresso is bae), so I was really looking forward to trying these. NOT gonna lie; I was SO intimidated by the sweet potato and rosemary thyme superfood cereal. However, I am glad I just got on with it and ate it because it was absolutely delicious. Better than the banana chia (although that was delicious too). How sad is it that I was intimidated by a cereal flavor haha?!

delicious energy ball from Seed and Salt in San Francisco

Vegan Soup

After feeling like I was on the path to recovery on Friday (and indulging with a rose-geranium macaron and honey lavender ice-cream … whaaaat, I like food!), I felt like crap Saturday morning. Which was really quite annoying because I had plans to meet up with a good friend that morning! Met up with her anyway and tried out a powerball and the vegan split pea soup with eggplant ‘bacon’ from Seed + Salt in the Marina, before having to call it a day and going home to nap. Such a princess πŸ˜›

delicious vegan soup from Seed and Salt in San Francisco

delicious vegan soup from Seed and Salt in San Francisco

Here’s hoping to a speedy recovery in time for the K2 Movement on Monday! Who else is joining the K2 Movement?

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  • Cassie April 5, 2015 at 9:22 pm

    Sounds delicious! What a great deal you found too! πŸ˜€

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