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Utah Fitness Meetup with D1 Sports Training

June 2, 2017

Remember how I mentioned I was holding a Utah fitness meetup a couple of weeks ago? Well, it happened…and it was incredible!

Utah Fitness Meetup 

Let me back up a little here. You might be asking, “why did you even want to put on a fitness meetup?” I wanted a way for others, of any fitness level and and experience, to meet other like-minded people! Think about it; how many times have you said to yourself, “I wish I had a workout buddy,” or “I wish I had a friend who was down to try this new fitness class with me?” A lot, I’m betting. Furthermore, I didn’t want anyone to feel like they couldn’t come. I wanted people to feel welcomed no matter what phase of fitness they were in and what type of workout they did. I talked with my friend Kaelin (who p.s. is an amazing aesthetician), and somehow managed to convince her to partner with me, so we could both make this happen!


D1 Sports Training

Luckily, D1 Sports Training, Salt Lake City were totally on board with my vision and kindly hosted us all! I’d attended one of their bootcamp style workouts before and I thought they’d be the perfect place to hold a fun, inclusive fitness meetup. The Salt Lake City location only opened in February so a) it’s brand new and b) they group people into small groups and you all rotate through different circuits. I like that a lot more than a bunch of people trying to follow one instructor!

We also had some amazing sponsors on board with our Utah fitness meetup plan; Fawen, Freeplay App (specific to Utah) and Vistory Supplements. 


  • Fawen are a kickass company based in Brooklyn, NY, that produce ready to drink soup in a bottle! Fawen kindly supplied us with bottles of their sweet potato & red lentil, with cinnamon, soups. I’ve tried all their soups and they are absolutely delicious and a great option as a snack on a hike, at work, or any situation where you need something quick!
  • Freeplay is an app which gives you access to over 50 gyms and studios throughout the great state of Utah. And they aren’t just any old random gyms and studios either; you get access to places like Corepower Yoga, the Front Climbing Gym, Catchweight Fitness & Boxing, and more! You get 3 free visits when you sign up and no pesky enrollment fees.
  • Vistory Supplements are a local company that sell natural supplements such as preworkout. Perfect for those serious about their fitness!

D1 Sports Training took us through a 30-minute workout (they are normally for an hour) and it wiped us all out! There were three different stations with different exercise requirements for each.

Circuit 1: 

  • pushing tires (lol, no idea what the ‘official’ name is for this)
  • pop squats
  • bodyweight squats



Circuit 2:

  • thrusters
  • suicides (these genuinely did kill me haha)
  • mountain climbers



Circuit 3:

  • kettlebell swings
  • burpees
  • sled push and pulls



After absolutely destroying the whole group with this killer workout (can you IMAGINE how hard the full one is? it’s hard but you can obviously modify for your level), we finished up with a stretch…and then raffled off some products from Vistory Supplements.


All in all, it was a wonderful day and went so much better than I expected. I’ll be honest; I was nervous. I wasn’t sure if others would vibe with mine and Kaelin’s Utah fitness meetup vision or if people would get along. But everyone was friendly, chatty and so fun. I guess it’s true what they say; you get what you put out into the world and we got the perfect group of people. I’m excited about how it went and look forward to, possibly, hold more Utah fitness meetups. Keep an eye on my events page to see when the next one is. 

Honestly yours,

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Photo credits: Ashlee Brooke

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