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What I Think of the Protein World Slender Blend [Review]

February 26, 2017

A couple of weeks ago, Protein World teamed up with Kim Kardashian! I was excited to hear about the partnership as it’s Khloe’s first major fitness collaboration and was even more motivated to try out Protein World’s products (which I’d been curious about for a while now)–and specifically the Protein World Slender Blend line. As fate would have it, Protein World reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try out the Protein World Slender Blend line. Um, YES, and thanks for reading my mind!

As such, I wanted to share with you all my thoughts on the products in my Protein World Slender Blend review. Read on to find out whether or not they matched my expectations.

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Friday Fare

Korean Bugolgi Tacos with Gochujang Sauce

January 18, 2017
bulgogi korean tacos superbowl sunday

Superbowl Sunday is fast approaching, and while I won’t be watching it (not a football gal), I know plenty of you will be! And for those of you hosting Superbowl Sunday parties, I wanted to share a delicious korean bulgogi taco recipe that is sure to wow your guests, and happily satisfy their tummies!  Continue Reading…