How to Have More Energy Throughout Your Active Day

May 28, 2017

Getting into a regular workout routine is extremely rewarding but definitely requires you to eat more; something most women break into cold sweats over! It seems logical that you will gain weight if you eat more, yet if you’re an active person, your body uses more energy and therefore requires more food. If you are not eating enough, you’re find yourself becoming sluggish and low-energy. If you’ve been wondering how to have more energy, without losing the progress you’ve made, then you’ve come to the right place! Continue Reading…


Easy Pizza Recipe with Veggies and Chicken

April 23, 2017

You might think I am a little crazy for saying this, but I am not the biggest fan of pizza. Yes, I eat it and I greatly enjoy it when I do eat it, but it’s not something I ever crave. I find that most pizzas you buy are too greasy, too large, or just don’t have enough veggies on them. My husband however, looooves pizza. So we found a middle ground and started making our own pizza! We created this easy veggie pizza with chicken which is healthier than regular pizza and helps keep you filled up for longer.

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