Keeping accountable over the holidays with Fitbit

December 3, 2014

Fitbit? Like, that exercise tracker that celebrities like Ryan Reynolds and Kelly Ripa have?” 

Umm, yes and no! Fitbit is actually the brand name of several products including the Fitbit Flex (that Ryan Reynolds has) and quite a few others. These products help people track a whole bunch of things such as their activity, sleep and calories burned. The product I’m going to be talking about today, however, is the Fitbit Aria and how I think it can help keep you accountable over the holidays. 

Fitbit Aria

To give you some background information, the Fitbit Aria is a “wi-fi smart scale” that helps track your weight, body fat and BMI (I don’t think BMI is particularly important though). Since it is a wi-fi scale, before you use it you have to set it up so that it can link to your home wi-fi so that it sends over your information to your Fitbit online account whenever you weigh yourself. It also recognizes up to eight people and helps keep you motivated by earning cute badges such as weight loss badges, sending you achievement alerts and a weekly email about your measurements. Sounds so cool right?!

 I’m not going to lie; when I received my Fitbit Aria in the mail, I totally squealed. The packaging itself was beautiful and high-tech looking, so I couldn’t wait to open it up and see my beautiful new Fitbit Aria! I received a flashy black Fitbit Aria and yes, it is beautiful. Here’s a photo juuust in case you don’t believe me.

Fitbit Aria review

Fitbit Aria review

I have loved using it so much, especially since my former scale was getting pretty old and inaccurate. I normally don’t like weighing myself, but since the Fitbit Aria provides so much information, I actually look forward to stepping on the scale (except if I had a slice of pumpkin pie the night before, my weakness)! Although I think that keeping track of your progress through how you look is important, since I am already quite small, being able to keep track of my measurements is so important to keep myself accountable. Especially over the holiday season! Since I am a smaller girl, a lot of the time I’ll just be like “Ehh, I can totally pig out, it won’t affect me thaaat much.” And yes my dears, indulging here and there is perfectly healthy and balanced. But in America where you have Thanksgiving and then Christmas a month after, a whole month of indulgence can take its toll. And don’t even start on the holiday drinks at Starbucks and the holiday goodies that pop up EVERYWHERE …

“It keeps you accountable over the holidays”

The Fitbit Aria provides graphs and charts so that you can easily visualize your progress, which has been really useful in seeing when I have been indulging a bit too much. Sometimes it’s hard for us to tell ourselves to back off the pumpkin pie for a while, and I like that I have the Fitbit Aria to do this for me!

Fitbit Aria review

I wish I had the Fitbit Flex though as I think having the two products together is a perfect complement. Regardless, I do love my new Fitbit Aria and have found it really useful for making sure I stay accountable this holiday season. No one wants their hard work to go to waste, and I think the scale is a great way to ensure I maintain a balance between holiday indulgences, eating healthy foods and staying active. 

With that said, I think I am going to go for a workout! How do you #findyourfit?

Honestly yours,

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Fitbit through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Fitbit, all opinions are my own.

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