Michael Olajide Jr. Interview: Victoria Secret Workout Insights and More

February 3, 2016
victoria secret workout interview with victorias secret trainer michael olajide jr

Do I have a surprise for you all … Michael Olajide Jr., trainer to various Victoria’s Secret models such as Adriana Lima and Kelly Gale, has been kind enough to answer some questions on food and fitness.  Not only does he train some of the most beautiful women in the world, he is the co-founder of AEROSPACE, a high performance center boasting incredible workouts that will get you sleek in no time (it’s on my bucket list to attend one of the classes there when I visit NYC)!

Michael has endless amounts of experience sculpting women’s bodies and inspiring you to be your best; I am so excited to share this interview with you all so you can get the inside scoop on what a Victoria Secret workout looks like.

Meet Michael Olajide Jr.!

HF: Hi Michael, introduce yourself! 
Hi, my name is Michael Olajide Jr. I’m a former professional boxer. Nickname “The Silk”. I had to stop boxing in 1991 due to eye injuries. It was then I started Aerobox, a workout that would influence the way the world chose to workout. 
HF: You train several Victoria Secret Angels, and we have to ask, how often do they workout? 
Generally they work out every day. They’re professionals and understand that’s one of the major reasons they get hired. But many of the girls I know also love working out because of the way it makes you feel, etc. 
HF: What are some of their favorite workout programs and/or exercises?
victoria secret workout interview with victorias secret trainer michael olajide jr
Source: NYTimes
At AerospaceHPC we don’t do standard exercises. Jump rope isn’t just jumping the rope and boxing isn’t just boxing. Same with our sculpting programs all of them are creative and  in a way a slant on the established exercises. Having said that- 100% of them love Aerojump, our jump rope workout. 
HF: In terms of workouts, what do you recommend for women who want to slim down their legs and avoid looking bulky?
A workout that is lightweight, (or only body weight) that’s fast and requires endurance more than strength will always work. That’s what we specialize in. Sleekifying the body. 
HF: Be honest – do all Victoria’s Secret Angels have awesome trainers like you, or do they do simple workout programs that anyone can follow?
Thank you. I believe every trainer comes with their own experiences. I consider mine pretty fool proof and they work because as fighters you always have to make weight and not only be in shape but maintain energy and power. My book Sleekify does exactly that. Simple workouts that work. 
victoria secret workout interview with victorias secret trainer michael olajide jr
Source: NY Daily News
HF: Is there a big difference between the amount they workout and the types of workouts they do before a show as opposed to when they are not preparing for a show?
When getting ready for the casting most of the girls go 2 a day workouts. If they make the cut, they maintain by doing one a day, some continue to double up… Or they’ll work at AerospaceHPC and then take a Yoga class elsewhere. 
HF: The same thing goes for their diet – how does their pre-show diet vary from their normal diet?
I can recommend certain things or question others, but I know where my strengths lay and nutrition isn’t it. I always recommend a girl who asks to a nutritionist as this is a very important part of seeing the results you’d like. 
HF: What snacks do you recommend The Models have, and anyone looking to shed some fat?
Hmmm, I’m not really a believer in snacks… Having said that, I will eat a little something if I’m 8 clients back to back, but generally I don’t see the need for them. 
HF: What’s the worst diet advice you’ve ever been told, from a Victoria Secret model or other client, and how did you help them recover?
I’ve heard some pretty crazy diet advice in my time, but I’m really not at liberty to talk about it. But whenever you try and help someone it’s important that they ask or know they need help themselves. Because if they don’t want to do it, nothing you do will convince them otherwise. 
HF: What are some dos and don’ts in terms of food you give to your clients? Are there any foods they must avoid?
That’s between the girls and their nutritionist. But over hydration is always a concern when you’re training for a “show body”. 
HF: Is it important to eat healthy 100% of the time, or are you a proponent of being more flexible in terms of diet?
I like flexible. But as a professional, hired for your “look” you always want to be within “striking range of your “performance” body. And that takes discipline, and respect for your self and your job. 
Thank you so much to the amazing Michael for doing this interview and sharing fitness advice with you all! I hope you enjoyed this interview and learned more about how to reach your goals. Check out his online classes to get an idea of how the workouts he teaches are.
What did you think of this interview? Bear in mind that Victoria’s Secret models are paid to look good and they have to do more than the average person to look good. While it is great to have someone to look up to, just remember that you are your unique and beautiful self, and that aspiring to be your healthiest self is not a bad thing.
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  • Cassie February 4, 2016 at 9:36 pm

    NO. WAY. This was such a fascinating interview!!! I’ve been wanting to visit the VS Shadowboxing Gym in NYC for the longest time! I’m so glad you got the chance to interview Michael! One of my favorite celeb trainers ever!