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9th & 9th Pilates Review

June 27, 2015

 Since my first foray into Pilates reformer over a year ago, I have been hooked ever since. Although I do not go often since it is not the cheapest of workout classes, I love having a Pilates studio I trust nearby so that I can go every now and again. Well, I think I found my regular Pilates spot in Salt Lake City! Here is my 9th & 9th pilates review (now called Maven Strong as of September 29th, 2017).

9th and 9th Pilates Review

9th & 9th Pilates Review salt lake city

I was actually recommended 9th and 9th Pilates by Kaitlyn Rhoades, the owner of OnPointe Training in San Francisco, so I had high expectations even before I went. It was easy enough to find (it is literally on 9th and 9th street) and the exterior is gorgeous. The interior is equally as gorgeous; everything you would expect from a Pilates studio.

9th & 9th Pilates Review salt lake city

I have been several times and I have tried their orientation to reformer (which is mandatory for all new students), reformer sweat, reformer mixed, be strong TRX circuit, and reformer 1/2. I can’t say that I have a favorite; they are all unique and fantastic workouts!

The reformer 1/2 class is definitely best if you want a slow moving yet tough workout that targets you in all the right places. Reformer sweat and mixed are great if you are looking for a faster paced workout that gives you a cardio workout as well. I really liked that reformer sweat incorporated the bosu ball into the workout, and that both reformer sweat and mixed used the jumpboard. I like to think that I am pretty strong, but doing jumps on the jumpboard BURNS! The TRX class is kind of the wildcard, as it involves TRX bands as opposed to the reformer machine. I have always loved TRX because it is such a challenging workout and something fun and different from a typical weights workout. I recommend you try a whole range of workouts available at 9th and 9th Pilates to see what you like best!

And there you have it, my thoughts on 9th and 9th Pilates! Your first class + orientation is free, so I hope you come along and try out a class for yourself. Do NOT let yourself be daunted by the pilates reformer machine. I know it looks medieval and completely confusing, but the instructors at 9th & 9th Pilates are really kind and will walk you through it and answer any questions you have. Hopefully I will bump into you there one day!

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  • Cassie June 29, 2015 at 8:42 am

    I love those Pilates machines! This place sounds amazing! I hope to find one similar in LA!

    • Honestly Fitness July 1, 2015 at 5:43 am

      Oh my gosh, Cassie, I bet LA has tons!! Can’t wait for you to try and hear your experience πŸ™‚