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Game Plan

May 26, 2014

Hey everyone!

For all of you who are in America, I hope you are having a lovely weekend and enjoy this long weekend for Memorial Day. For everyone else, I still hope you had a fab weekend πŸ™‚ I totally had this post all ready to go last night but I went to Kokkari Estiatorio (a really nice Greek restaurant in San Francisco) and it was so late by the time I got back that I just went to bed haha.

Anyway, I want to be really honest with you all in this blog post. Even though I did see progress and improved muscle tone, I did not get the results I wanted after completing Kayla’s bikini body guide. I am extremely proud of the progress I have made and the fact that I can now do a bazillion push ups, jumping lunges and all the other extreme exercises buuuut … I still have a long way to go. I have been musing about what it is exactly that is making it so bloody hard for me to lose the last 5-8 pounds. I exercise smart and I watch my portions and eat healthy foods. I suppose I tend to go overboard whe I eat out and have the mentality of ‘oh it won’t hurt if I take a small bite …”.

Therefore, even though my mantra is about balance (which I am STILL for), for purposes of eliminating the extra few pounds once and for all, I believe I have to be rather strict and reflective with myself. Going crazy when I eat out and having those extra few bites does make a difference in the long run. If I was at a happy weight and body composition then no, being a little silly at times would not matter. But the fact of the matter is that you have to be smart when embarking on a weight/fat loss journey. Eating for weight/fat loss is not the same as healthy eating, and that is something I really need to just tattoo into my brain.

Which is why I am creating a game plan for myself! As part of a year long process of reforming my eating habits I will be keeping an eye and trying to implement the following:

  • Do not nibble mindlessly – this is my biggest problem, because even though I am full, I tend to pick at food if it is in front of me. This will prove to be hard at restaurants so I will let you all know what works for me (usually drinking loads of water helps)
  • Incorporate more veggies throughout the day
  • If hunger pangs strike at night, drink tea and make some veggies such as celery sticks with a dip such as tzatziki or hummus
  • Stop buying lattes! During the semester time I genuinely need some coffee to tide me through my late classes, but I should probably just stick to plain coffee or an espresso. Or at least only drink latte’s on days when I have class and not otherwise.

I am going to stick with these for now. They are not rules but more of a general guideline. I have also been working on decreasing the amount of alcohol I drink (which is not much at all, usually no more than once or twice a month) and eating out less. For the most part, my friends are incredibly supportive of my lifestyle and do not peer pressure me to eat differently at all which I am SO grateful for. The people who surround you have a profound impact upon you; if they are eating crap, chances are you will tend to eat worse than you normally are.

I genuinely look forward to the future. I have come a long way in the past few years and I am proud that I have become someone who genuinely craves healthy foods and loves to exercise. I can only improve!

What is your biggest obstacle in your quest to be fit and healthy?

Honestly yours,

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